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Recipe • Airfried Crispy Crabstick Strips

Ohhhhh these are the legendary irresistable crispy crabstick snack that got many homecooks making them at home!!! It’s my first time making these and in fact, also the first time tasting them! I’ve never tried those that were sold outside and of course, not willing to spend 10 over bucks on them! #CalculativeModeOn

There are many recipes and methods circulating online. Some used deep-fried method, oven baked and air-fried method. I decided to use the latter! And because of the many different methods going around on how to achieve a nice golden crisp for this inexpensive snack, I really don’t know how and who to credit. So if you happen to read and think this is your original recipe, do drop me an email. I’ll be happy to credit you. Thanks 🙂 

Ok, here’s how I did my Air-fried Crispy Crabstick Strips!


1 pkt of Crabsticks

2TBS Oil

I used this brand 🙂


•Thaw crabsticks and unroll them, then tear into strips about 0.5-1cm wide.

•After all the crabsticks are teared, use kitchen towel to gently press out any excess moisture.

•Toss the strips with 2 tablespoons of oil. Mix well.

•Line Airfryer(AF) with aluminium foil.

•Pour all the crabsticks into AF, set temperature at 150degC for 5mins.

•I went through 5 cycles of 150degC/5mins. Tossing the crabsticks after every 5mins. And picking out all the golden brown crabsticks after 5 cycles.

•Those that were still not evenly browned went on another round of AF-ing, at 140degC for 3mins.

•Leave all the strips to cool & they’re ready to be packed into tubs!

Enjoy munching & remember to drink lots of water!! 😃

If you’re keen on trying another easy peasy snack for CNY, here’s the link 🙂

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

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