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Recipe • Basic Pork Katsu (Deepfried Breaded Pork)


We are a Japanese food loving family! Somehow it’s always easier to find suitable food within a teishoku (Japanese set meal) for both Lil K and Mini K.
Japanese Pork Katsu is one of our favourite. I cook it often and usually will cook extra to keep for Lil K’s lunches.
Oh! Talking about crispy breaded pork, here’s another recipe, Chinese style!

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350g Pork Loin
1 Egg
Cornflour (sufficient amount for coating)
Panko/Bread Crumbs (sufficient amount for coating)

1tsp Sugar
1.5TBS Mirin
1.5TBS Light Soy Sauce
1TBS cooking Sake
2tsp Cornflour
Dashes of Black Pepper

•Wash and pat dry pork loin.
•Cut loin meat into 6 or 7 pieces. (Note 1)
•Pound the slices of meat with a mallet. Pound both sides of meat.
•Add all the above seasoning to meat, mix well & leave to marinate overnight in a ziplock bag.

•Take out from fridge about 30mins before frying, to return to room temperature.
•Prepare 3 bowls/plates that’s deep enough for coating the meat. Whisk an egg in 1 of the plate. Pour some cornflour and panko separately in the other 2 plates.
•Coat a slice of loin meat in cornflour, followed by egg then panko. Repeat the steps for all the loin meat.
•Heat a pot with oil, sprinkle some panko in to test the oil temperature. When it sizzles, it’s hot enough. Deep-fry the breaded meat til cooked and golden brown.

•Drain and ready to serve. (Note 2)
We like it with Japanese curry, as Katsu don and it can be eaten as Japanese katsu sandwich (カツサンド) too!

(1) This is not the standard thickness for Japanese style pork katsu, but my boys prefer this thickness. For thick katsu, please slice 350g of loin meat into 3-4 pieces.
(2) The fried pork can be left to cool, put into a ziplock bag (press out the air before sealing) and keep in fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for up to 10days. Reheat in airfryer or oven.

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