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Recipe • Brown Sauce Minced Pork With Tofu


Have you encountered the kids telling you that they don’t like minced pork because it has a dry and rough texture,hard to chew and start spitting out the meat or rejecting it totally?

There is an important step to making stirfry minced pork smooth! This recipe is very easy to follow & very suitable for young kids! It’s really versatile too, you can add diced/chopped veggie, topped over tofu or just served as it is!

Brown Sauce Minced Pork Tofu


1 block of soft Tofu

80-100gm Minced Pork

2 pieces Baby Corn*, diced

1 clove Garlic, chopped


1tsp Sugar

1/2Tbs Light Soy sauce

1Tbs Huadiao Wine

1/2Tbs Sesame Oil

2tsp Cornflour


50ml Water (to be added to minced pork)

1/2Tbs Oyster sauce (add more if u pref saltier)

1tsp Kicap Manis (sweeten dark sauce)
More water if required


•Marinate minced pork, mix well. Cover and leave in fridge for at least 3hrs.

•Remove pork from fridge about 30mins before cooking.

•Remove tofu from package box and rinse. Place on steaming plate and sprinkle a dash of sugar on tofu (optional)**

•Steam tofu over medium heat, 4mins.

Drain off excess water from steaming.

•Add 50ml of water to the marinated pork

•Mix well. You’ll have a gooey mixture.

•Heat the wok, add some oil. Fry the garlic till fragrant.

•Add diced baby corn and fry for a few mins.

•Lower flame, add in the pork mixture and stir.

•Turn up heat and add the seasoning, continue stir frying and add more water if needed. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

•Top stir fried minced pork over tofu. Garnish and serve.

✨ Adding water to minced pork,before frying,is the key step to achieving smooth texture as there is cornflour in the marinate.


* you may substitute baby corn with diced carrots or shiitake mushrooms.

** sometimes plain steamed tofu has a tart sharp taste, sprinkle a dash of sugar makes it taste better.

• You may serve the stir fried pork as it is, just increase the water and seasoning amount. Whereas steamed tofu let out water.

I sometimes add broccoli and turn it into a 1-dish meal for my kids. Easy lunch!

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