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Recipe • Char Siew (Chinese style BBQ pork)


I’ve cooked char siew (Chinese style BBQ pork) using this recipe 4 times and it still remains our personal favourite.
The first 2 times, I used pork collar which was nice but a bit on the dry lean side.
Later on, the butcher whom I often buy pork from told me to try 边肉,also known as 不见天/梅花肉 or pork shoulder butt. It was indeed much better, with good amount of fats and lean meat!

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350g Pork Shoulder Butt (不见天肉)
*Ask your butcher to slice it into 3 connecting strips meant for char siew cooking. They should know how.

2 cloves of Garlic, crushed.
2 TBS Oyster sauce
1 heap TBS Hoi Sin sauce
1 TBS Honey
1.5TBS Raw Sugar
1 TBS Huadiao cooking wine
1 TBS Cooking Sake
2 tsp Sesame Oil
1/2 tsp Dark Soya sauce
80ml Water plus additional 50ml Hot Water

•Wash and pat dry the meat. Add in all the seasonings, mix well before adding 80ml of water. Mix again, cover and leave overnight in fridge.

•Remove the marinated meat about 30 minutes before cooking.

•Pour meat and marinating liquid into the rice cooker, set to “Expert” mode. This mode completes 1 cooking cycle in 45 minutes.
•Continue cooking the meat on another round of “Expert” mode after the first cycle is over. Do note that constant check is required at this stage to prevent burnt as the gravy will start to thicken.

•Once the cooking in the rice cooker is completed, remove the meat and retain the caramelised gravy.
•Stir in about 50ml of hot water to the rice cooker, reheat this mixture which will be the gravy to drizzle over the sliced char siew/rice/noodles.

•Line airfryer with parchment paper or aluminium foil, airfry the meat at 140degC for about 15 minutes to achieve the charred roasted texture. This can be done in the oven too,over a higher temperature. Please adjust accordingly.

•Slice the char siew to desired thickness after cooled down. Enjoy!

Char siew with homemade shrimp dumplings soup!
Perfect match! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Recipe adapted from My Mind Patch’s Rice Cooker Char Siew.

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