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Recipe • Crispy Prawn Patties


I usually make my own burger patty & I can shape it to the size that’s just nice for Lil K!

I’m sharing my prawn patties recipe in this post.

They can be fried & stored in the fridge for 2 days or in the freezer for a week or so. Just re-heat in the oven before consumption.


6 medium size prawns

150gm fish paste

1 heap Tbs chopped carrots

2 stalks coriander, chopped (Optional)

1 egg, beaten



Oil for frying

Seasoning 1:

1/2tsp Sugar

2tsp Mirin

Dashes of Black Pepper

3/4tsp cornflour

Seasoning 2:

1tsp Korr HaoChi all-in-one seasoning

Dashes of Sesame Oil


•Wash,deshell & devein prawns.

•Coarsely chop prawns with knife, add Seasoning 1. Mix well.

•In a mixing bowl,add chopped carrots & coriander to fish paste.

•Add 1tsp Knorr HaoChi powder & mix well.

•Add chopped prawns, mix & add dashes of sesame oil. Mix again, make sure the paste is incorporated well.

•Cover & leave in fridge, at least 3hrs.

•Prepare 1 beaten egg and sufficient amount of cornflour & panko for deep frying.

•Remove the marinated paste from fridge, scoop out with metal spoon. It’s easier to shape into patty while still cold & hard.

•Coat patty with cornflour,transfer into beaten egg & followed by panko.

•Heat sufficient oil in a frying pan & shallow fry patties till golden brown.

You can shape into round golf ball size too. They make a great appetizer!

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