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Recipe • Deco Shiratama

Hi! Today’s post is about Deco-Shiratama which is glutinous rice balls made into cute cartoon/animal form. I first chanced upon the recipe at Bentomonsters . It may look like a lot of work but really, it’s not difficult! Serve it with your preferred Tong Shui (糖水,chinese dessert) or shaved ice dessert, yumz!

Here are some of my creations the past years 🙂

My very first deco shiratama attempt! For my birthday!
Lil Piggies with Ginseng Birdnest double-boiled by my mum ❤️
*And look at the card written by Lil K 💕*
BEE Mine~ Valentine’s Day theme 🐝💕
2017•Rooster Year, CNY theme deco shiratama
Baymax on store-bought yuzu jelly
BOO & Jack O’Lantern floating on Tong Shui 🎃👻

Plain Shiratama Ingredients:

50gm Shiratama flour (白玉粉)

60gm Soft Tofu

If making deco-Shiratama:

Wilton icing colour of your choice

Bamboo Charcoal Powder or 

Wilton BLACK icing colour + 1tsp Water


•Combine shiratama flour and tofu to form a soft dough, it should not feel crumbly yet not sticky on hands too. Add more flour or tofu, if needed.

•Cut baking paper into smaller size, for placing decorated shiratama on them.

•Separate the dough to different sizes, depending on what characters/shapes you plan to make.

•Use a toothpick, dip into Wilton icing colour of your choice and swap onto the dough. Knead until evenly coloured. *Do note that the colour deepens after cooked.

•For black facial features, use either shiratama mixed with Bamboo Charcoal powder to achieve black dough OR use a toothpick, dip into water and Black icing colour (separately) to carefully draw.

•Shiratama can be made a day ahead and kept in airtight container, store in fridge until ready to cook.

•To cook, boil water in a pot. Place the shiratama rice-balls with baking paper into boiling water. The paper and rice-balls will detach. Scoop the rice-balls that float up and transfer to a bowl of iced water.

Enjoy! 😊

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