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Recipe • Easy Sugar Cookie

I baked some sugar cookies as part of the birthday goody bags for Mini K’s classmates.
He chose Paw Patrol theme this year as that’s his current favorite cartoon. Well…No, in case you thought I baked & decorated the cookies in Paw Patrol characters! I’m not so talented! 😀

I used dog and bone shape cookie cutters, only the labradors were made with this recipe.
The bone shapes were butter cookies from another recipe which I’ll share separately.
This simple Sugar Cookie recipe is less buttery but it retains the shape very well and the surface doesn’t brown much, so it’s ideal if you intend to use royal icing. I skipped the icing decoration as I find it too sweet for his classmates who’re mostly still 2yo+.

120gm Cake Flour
50gm Powdered Sugar
50gm Unsalted Butter (soften at room temp)
1 Egg Yolk (From Large Egg of approx 60gm)
1/2tsp Vanilla Essence

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•Cream butter and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl, til sugar dissolved and colour turn lighter shade.
•Add egg yolk and vanilla essence, mix well.
•Sieve cake flour into the mixing bowl, mix to a dough.

•Wrap cookie dough with cling wrap and flatten to 4-5mm using a rolling pin. Leave in fridge til harden, at least 30mins.

•Use cookie cutter to cut out desired shapes, place cookies on baking tray lined with baking paper.
•Preheat oven at 180degC and  bake cookies for about 15mins.

⚠️Oven temperature and time may vary, please adjust accordingly.

Hope you’ll enjoy baking with this simple recipe! 🙂
Below are 2 other designs of deco Sugar Cookies baked by me.

Xmas series *Do u wanna build a snowman?*
Rilakkuma & Friends

And here’s another easy cookie recipe using Pancake Premix. 🙂

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