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Recipe • Ginger Honey Grilled Chicken

This dish that I’m sharing in collaboration with GINGEN Ginger Tea x Singapore Home Cooks (Facebook) is one that I cook  pretty often, especially when I have a busy day ahead. All that’s needed is a simple marination, into the Airfryer and Ta-Darrrr…
a sweet savory moist Ginger Honey Chicken Chop is ready!

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2 Large Chicken Thighs, Boneless
1 satchet (5g) GINGEN 100% Ginger Powder
2 TBS Light Soy Sauce
2 TBS Cooking Sake
3 TBS Mirin
3 TBS Honey
Dashes of Black Pepper

•Use a Ziplock Bag, marinate the chicken thighs with all the seasonings, for at least 3-4hrs (Mine was overnight).

•Remove from fridge about 30-45mins before cooking, to bring it to room temperature.
•Line Airfryer with aluminium foil/parchment paper, preheat at 200degC/5mins

•Place chicken thighs into Airfryer, skin side up. Try not to overlap. Grill at 170-180degC for 25mins. Flip once after about 15mins.
•Remove from Airfryer and drizzled with the sauce from grilling.

Happy Dinner!!

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