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Recipe • Honey Cornflakes

I’ve been wanting to make some home made snacks for CNY (Chinese New Year).

With limited time in the mornings while the boys are in school, pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit are certainly not on my to-do list.

And the snack I make must be something my boys will eat, otherwise it defeats the purpose!

So…. Honey Cornflakes it shall be! It’s really easy and took me less than 30mins!

Makes about 40 pieces (3.5cm cupcake case)


150gm Plain Cornflakes

50gm Unsalted Butter

2TBS Honey

Sufficient amount of Hundreds & Thousands (to sprinkle)


•Gently crush up the cornflakes and pour into a mixing bowl.

•Lay cupcake casings on baking tray.

•Melt butter and honey over low fire, till it turns frothy.

•Pour the hot mixture into cornflakes and mix well.

•Scoop the cornflake mix into cupcake casings and sprinkle “Hundreds & Thousands” on top.

•Preheat oven at 150degC and bake for about 12mins until cornflakes turn golden brown.
⚠️ Oven temperature and timing may vary.

•I tried baking some using Airfryer but they turned out a bit too dark for my liking. Ideally, 140degC/6mins will be sufficient for Airfryer.

•Leave to cool and they’re ready to be packed in tubs!


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