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Recipe • No-Mixer Best Blueberry and Choc Chips Muffins


Today I’m sharing a muffin recipe that’s really good! Like Rachelle from Bear Naked Food said, they really are the best tasting blueberry muffins! Soft and not too sweet, the kids liked the crispy top too, thanks to the raw sugar topping! This recipe is a keeper but on my first attempt, quite a number of the muffins overflowed while baking, possibly due to over mixing.

The nicer ones from first attempt ^.^

So on second attempt I tried without using electric mixer.
Result: taste was not compromise, still as good!

2nd attempt, without using electric mixer 🙂

(Non-Mixer) Best Blueberry and Choc Chips Muffins

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(Makes 12 cupcake-size muffins)

240g Plain Flour (All-Purpose Flour)
2 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Salt
140g Caster Sugar
115g Unsalted Butter (soften at room temperature)
120ml Fresh Milk
2 Eggs (60g each)
2 tsp Vanilla Essence
125g Blueberries (wash & pat dry)
40g Chocolate Chips
Ample amount of Raw Sugar
Muffin cups or Muffin tray (greased)

•Preheat oven at 200degC.
•Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Set aside. (A)
•Use a wooden spatula, mix butter and sugar in a mixing bowl till pale and no trace of grainy sugar.
•Add in vanilla essence and egg, mix well.
•Pour in half of the sifted flour (A) and milk, mix and add in the rest of the flour. Mix till well incorporated.

•Separate the batter into 2 portions if you’re making 2 flavors like mine.
•Mix in blueberries and spoon the mixture into muffin cups.
•Do the same for chocolate chips flavor.
•Sprinkle the top of each muffin with raw sugar, estimate about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per muffin.

•Bake the muffins at 190degC for 20-25mins.
(I switched to Top heat for the last 3mins, to get golden brown top as per my oven.)

⚠️Do adjust the oven temperature according to your oven. Some ovens get too hot quickly, you may need to lower to 180degC or shorten the baking time.

The muffins taste best fresh from the oven otherwise warm it slightly in the oven the next day to crisp the sugar top again. 🙂
I dressed these yummy pastries in Christmas design muffin cups for my friends! So festive!

Recipe adapted from Bear Naked Food.

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