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Recipe • Orh Nee (Teochew Yam Paste Dessert)

This traditional Teochew dessert recipe, Orh Nee, is taught to me by my Mum aka My Mum’s Recipe.
She’s Teochew and loves her yam paste dessert! (♡˙︶˙♡)

I beg to differ when she told me it was easy to make this dessert! After we finished making our Orh Nee, she agreed that it wasn’t that easy afterall. Lol! 😅 But glad we did it!
And reason why it wasn’t easy was because this was our first attempt and we did everything manually, 纯手工! No blender!
So tedious and engrossed we were while preparing, I actually forgot to take photos of some cooking steps and I stepped away to fetch Mini K from his kindergarten halfway through.
Will update the missing photos when I make this dessert again! And you know the saying,”一次生,两次熟”…subsequent tries will be easier (and less messy)!

(╹◡╹)♡  Due to the time and effort that went into composing this recipe, kindly do not claim recipe as your own. 
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Thank you!


450g Yam
250g Pumpkin
Canned Gingko Nuts
9 Pandan leaves, knotted
4 Red Shallots, thinly sliced
Cooking oil (vegetable oil)
Ayam brand Coconut Milk (Super Light 5% fat)

30g Sugar (for Gingko Nuts)
60g Sugar + 40ml Water (for Yam)

•Cut yam and pumpkin into cubes, place onto separate plate/bowl.

•Place knotted pandan leaves in steamer, steam the yam cubes on high heat for 15 minutes. Use a fork or masher to mash it up.
•Discard pandan leaves. Using the same steamer, steam pumpkin cubes for 10 minutes and mash up too.
•Drain liquid off canned gingko nuts, add 30g of sugar and steam for 10 minutes.
•Deepfry sliced shallots in oil until crispy. Drain and set aside shallot crisp for other dishes. Only the shallot oil is required for this yam paste dessert.
•Use 2 ladle-scoop amount of shallot oil to fry mashed yam over low heat. Fry until oil is incoporated and a paste-like texture form.
•Top 60g of sugar on yam paste, add 40ml of water, slowly fold the yam paste over low heat until the mixture comes together and paste becomes smooth.

•Portion yam paste, pumpkin paste and sweet gingko as preferred.

Drizzle coconut milk before serving.

•Store extra portion of the yam and pumpkin paste in fridge (separate containers) for up to 3 days, steam briefly before consumption. Sweetened gingko nuts can be eaten chilled.

With Ayam brand “super light 5%-fat” coconut milk, we can indulge more of this traditional Teochew dessert! Enjoy yours soon!

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