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Recipe • Pulut Hitam Kanten

This recipe is a joint effort of my mum and I…alright, she made everything from scratch while I only did the photography part! (^^)
Pulut Hitam Kanten which is Black Glutinous Rice Agar Agar.

Usually bubur pulut hitam is eaten hot like sweet porridge with a drizzle of coconut milk/cream
but my mum made it as kanten that’s eaten chilled. Very refreshing for a change!

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50g Black Glutinous Rice
6pcs Pandan Leaves, wash & knot
500ml Water
15g Sugar
Pinch of Agar Agar Powder (colourless)

500ml Water
3pcs Pandan Leaves, wash & knot
5g (1tsp) Agar Agar powder (colourless)
80g Sugar

100ml Coconut Milk (Note 1)

•Wash the black glutinous rice and soak in water for about 2 hours.
•Drain off the water from soaking rice. Add Ingredients from (A), except agar agar powder. Cook in rice cooker till rice split and soften. Takes about 30mins. Remove pandan leaves and add in a pinch of agar agar powder, stir to mix well. Keep in warm mode.
•Cook ingredients from (B) over low heat. Stir to dissolve sugar. Takes about 15mins. Remove pandan leaves.

•Pour 150ml of the hot agar agar liquid (B) to black glutinous rice (A), stir well. Fill lower half of pudding cups or container, allow to set.
•Pour ingredient (C) to the remaining hot agar agar liquid (B), heat over low fire. Do not boil, just gently stir and warm the mixture.

•Pour the coconut mixture on top of the glutinous rice agar agar.
•Transfer to fridge when cooled.
🔘Enjoy this local dessert with a twist!

Full credits of this recipe is given to my mum. ❤

(1) I used Ayam brand UHT coconut milk

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