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Recipe • Shabu Pork Rolls with Laksa Sauce

For today’s Dancing Chef™ x SingaporeHomeCooks collaboration recipe post, I’m sharing how we can incorporate their Laksa Paste to create other dishes.

Since laksa is a spicy dish, it isn’t very suitable for the 2 boys. I decided it shall be cooked into a dish that my husband will like. And I am glad, he does like this Shabu Pork Rolls with Laksa Sauce. The crunchy veggies wrapped in shabu pork that soaked up the laksa broth… spicy and flavorful!

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(Makes 5 pork rolls)
10 pieces frozen Shabu Pork Collar
1/2 pack Enoki mushrooms
1/2 Green Capsicum
1/2 Yellow Capsicum
1 small Carrot
Dashes of pink salt & black pepper
Coriander & Laksa leaves (Optional, to garnish)

1 TBS Dancing Chef™ Laksa Paste
1 TBS UHT Coconut Cream
1 TBS Light Soy sauce
1 tsp Oyster sauce
1/2 tsp Sugar
150ml Water
3/4 TBS Honey
Some cornstarch

•Washthe veggies & cut into strips.
•Slightly overlap 2 pieces of Shabu pork while the meat is not fully thawed.
•Place enoki, carrot, capsicum on 1 end of the Shabu pork. Roll it up tightly.
•Sprinkle pinch of salt and black pepper on the pork rolls.

•Prepare the sauce ingredients in a bowl, pour in 150ml of water and mix well.
•Grease frying pan and panfry pork rolls till no pink (about 2-3mins).

•Pour sauce mixture over the pork rolls, bring to a boil and coat the pork rolls with sauce.
•Cover with lid, lower flame and let it simmer for about 5mins.

•Dish up pork rolls, leave sauce in the pan. Cut the pork rolls into halves or your preferred size.
•Add honey to the simmering sauce, mix well. Add cornstarch to thicken the sauce. Pour the laksa sauce over the pork rolls.
•Garnish and serve.

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