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Recipe • XO sauce braised Ee-fu Noodles

Hi, everyone! I realise my last post was in November! 2 long months of neglecting this lil space!
We went to Bangkok & Huahin during the December school holidays, which I hope to blog about soon! ♡
But for now, it’s a simple recipe of XO sauce braised Ee-fu noodles!

Both my boys love eating ee-fu noodles, which is so simple to cook and I usually do non-spicy for them. Recipe link here.
But today, I fry up a mild spicy version using Fortune brand original dried scallop in XO sauce. I also added Locos and Abalone sauce from the same brand.

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(serves 2)

1 piece of Ee-fu noodles
6 Prawns, de-shell & de-vein, lightly season with sugar & salt
1 piece Fortune brand Locos, sliced thinly
Broccoli florets, Carrot strips, Baby corn, Bunashimeji mushrooms, Red bell peppers
(choice of vegetables is to individual preference)
1 Egg, add some sugar and mix well
1 clove Garlic, coarsely minced

Cooking oil
1/2 tsp Sugar
1 TBS Fortune brand Abalone sauce
2 TBS Fortune brand Dried Scallop XO sauce
1 TBS Light Soya sauce
Dashes of Dark Soya sauce
Pepper to taste (Optional)
Water (using the water from pre-soaking noodles)

•Put dried ee-fu noodles in a bowl, pour hot water to submerge it.

Leave noodles to soften and retain the water for stirfrying later.
•Heat a wok with enough oil, fry the egg into scrambled egg style. Dish up and leave aside.
•In the same wok, add more oil if required, fry minced garlic till light brown. Add in carrot, broccoli, baby corn. Add sugar and fry briefly, pour 2 tablespoons of water and cover with lid.
•Add XO sauce, locos slices and prawns, fry till prawns turn pink.

•Add in mushrooms and ee-fu noodles, followed by abalone sauce and mix well. Pour in about 40-50ml of water, dashes of dark soya sauce, mix well.

Lastly add in the bell pepper and scrambled egg, cover to simmer for a couple of minutes or until water reduced.
•Dish up and Enjoy!

I’m going to cook this noodles again for Chinese New Year, Fortune brand of products make cooking festive dishes so much easier! (。’▽’。)♡

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