What’s for dessert ?: Celebrating a birthday !!!


Dear readers, today we celebrate the TENTH birthday of the blog. I can’t believe so many years have passed since mine first publication and a recipe for lava cake. I hope that you, like me, enjoyed all these years of socializing together.

When I look back 10 years, I see myself trying recipes, writing and posting with full enthusiasm. In the meantime, as is usually the case, life happened so the blog fell into the background a bit. But I was always there somewhere … Then in 2017 there was a total transformation and the blog became gluten free, in line with my health condition. It initially seemed like the end of the world to me (probably every gluten that has to switch to a gluten-free diet feels that way), but now it’s something most normal.

Kitchen and desserts are my hobby, my pastime … There are many more recipes that I want to try and present on the blog. I hope we hang out in the future too!

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