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What’s for dessert ?: Painting eggs with natural colors


How are the preparations for Easter going? Have you already organized and procured groceries or are you doing everything at the last minute? I’m sure you haven’t colored eggs yet and that’s why I bring you the idea of ​​how to color eggs with the help of natural and harmless foods. All you need for such a wonderful blue egg is purple cabbage.


Eggs, preferably those with a white shell, cook in the usual way. I do it like this – I cook room temperature eggs for 10 minutes in boiling salted water. The egg yolk is completely cooked, so if you like softer egg yolk, adjust the cooking time. I do not recommend cooking eggs for more than 10 minutes, because if you overcook them, the yolk will get a green shell. Put boiled eggs in cold water to interrupt the cooking process.

Cut the purple cabbage into strips. Put in a bowl and pour just enough water to cover the cabbage. add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and cook for about half an hour. Take out the cabbage. Optionally, leave a few strips of cabbage in the water if you don’t want the color to be uniform – this way you will get eggs with a pattern, like the one in the photo. Leave the eggs in the water in which the cabbage was cooked for at least half an hour and take them out of the water when you are satisfied with the intensity of the color, I kept them for 45 minutes.

Happy Easter!

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