bez glutena čokolada maline praline

White chocolate pralines with raspberry powder


I’m complaining that I don’t have any new posts, because I’m primarily short of time, and my motivation has slowly slipped downstream. And then I discover this post! Pralines made a long time ago, all written on time, but never published. I don’t even know why, they were love at first glance – a new mold, a long-desired Nestle Dessert white chocolate (thanks again) Natasha which sent it to me, can now also be purchased from us) and a magical ingredient hidden in the filling.

You can read everything you need to know about making pralines here, and tips on tempering chocolate with the help of a thermometer here. These pralines are special because of the filling, more precisely one ingredient, which is raspberry powder. I was inspired by the wonderful Justins creations. I added a little raspberry powder to the melted white chocolate I used for the wrapper (just enough for the dots to appear), while I added raspberry powder to the stuffing in the white chocolate ganache until I got the color I wanted. The pralines tasted great, as if I was using fresh raspberries.

Some of my favorite cakes with raspberries I will definitely do it again this summer, and it is among my favorites roulade with raspberries,, summer cake and profiteroles.

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